Doug Land on Art Skoop

I am Doug Land.

A multi-job millennial by day, and an artist by night. I graduated in 2009, with an Illustration degree in a tanked economy. After five years working in various arts industries, I kept running into the same question: "How the hell am I supposed to survive as an artist and still afford to pay my pay bills? How do other established artists do it?"

"How do other established artist pay their bills?"

Unromanticized by the 'artist struggle', I would go to art openings, and find the show's artist. Once I found the artist I would interview them on the spot. I wanted to know if an M.F.A was the magical answer to get me more shows. I wanted to know how to get a patron. Generally I was introvertly aggressive, if at best persistant. Usually I got vanilla-flavored information, but every so often, I'd get a real gem; a piece of advice that I could apply to my own art-practice.

And that's how it started.

After a few years of meeting artists in these off-the-cuff interviews, I started to record the conversation and turn them into a website that creams the sweet and silliness of ice cream with the bitter afterburn of the art world.

Art Skoop balances the bitter flavor of the Art World

. . . with the sweetness of frozen novelties and not so serious interviews

Q: But What Does Art Skoop Do?

A: Art Skoop covers art, in whatever flavor that may be. Art Skoop’s cornerstone is the Artist Interview. If you are a Painter, Sculptor, Knitter, Tarot Card Reader or Crypt Keeper, and you have a website that we can share, we’d love to talk about doing an interview with you.

Q: Why Ice Cream?

A: Because most people love ice cream, even the lactose intolerant. Ice cream is saturated sweetness mixed with fat and color. Art Skoop is fatty art news mixed with color and saturated zaniness. However Art Skoop is gluten-dairy-soy-and vegan-free. Unlike ice cream which is filled with vegans.  

Q: But Isn’t Art Serious?  

A: Geeze what is with all the judgmental questions? Yes art is serious, and yet somewhere along the way, the art community forgot how to have fun with it. In repulsion to the standard doldrums of art coverage and critique, we want to have fun with our interviews and with our artist. We have a saying in the office: “Don't give boring a breath” Analytics have taught us to mind this rule.

If you want to learn how to work a room at a gallery opening or other soiree, I suggest that you watch this video.