About Us

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The Elevator Pitch

Art Skoop was born out of Doug Land’s quest to meet other working artists, particularly those in Dallas /Fort Worth. After a few years of meeting artists, these off-the-cuff interviews turned into a website that creams the sweet and silliness of ice cream with the bitter afterburn of the art world.   

Q: But What Does Art Skoop Do?

A: Art Skoop covers art, in whatever flavor that may be. Art Skoop’s cornerstone is the Artist Interview. If you are a Painter, Sculptor, Knitter, Tarot Card Reader or Crypt Keeper, and you have a website that we can share, we’d love to talk about doing an interview with you.

Q: Why Ice Cream?

A: Because most people love ice cream, even the lactose intolerant. Ice cream is saturated sweetness mixed with fat and color. Art Skoop is fatty art news mixed with color and saturated zaniness. However Art Skoop is gluten-dairy-soy-and vegan-free. Unlike ice cream which is filled with vegans.  

Q: But Isn’t Art Serious?  

A: Geeze what is with all the judgmental questions? Yes art is serious, and yet somewhere along the way, the art community forgot how to have fun with it. In repulsion to the standard doldrums of art coverage and critique, we want to have fun with our interviews and with our artist. We have a saying in the office: “Don't give boring a breath” Analytics have taught us to mind this rule.

99% of artists are undiscovered.

(some quote I overheard on a train)

Got a Skoop?

We are always looking for new artists to fall in love with. If you have anyone you want to recommend, or yourself (you selfish showboater), take a look at our interview form, and fill it out..

Meet the Team

Doug Land.

Editor / Interviewer

The Great Candy Troll wrangler. He’s the man with the plan and the silly hat to match. If you want to blame someone, he's probably the first guy you call--if he answers!

Josh Landrith

Photographer / Videographer

The Eyes of Art Skoop. Josh Landrith is our voyeur of visuals. Most of the photos and video content that we rely upon come from Josh. Without him, we might as well be a podcast.

Mary Jane

Op-Ed Contributor

She’s technically Doug Land’s Grandmother. Senility and matriarchal judgement aside, she really is a nice lady. Or so we’ve been told. Honestly she only works here because of nepotism. That, and she brings in cookies every Thursday.

Diane Enobabor

Sonic / Visual Creator

Dallas bred east coast based

John Dyson

Photographer / Contributor

Organizer. Total twitter buff. Typical coffee maven. Unapologetic zombie practitioner. Internet guru. Music expert.

If you want to learn how to work a room at a gallery opening or other soiree, I suggest that you watch this video.