The Gesamtkunstwerk of Art Skoop

If you are mildly curious about Art Skoop’s editor (myself), then you should know that I happen to live for fun and interesting words. Not that SAT collegiate useless stuff, I mean really fun posh-nosh kinds of words, that might appear in Jeopardy or in a high stakes game of scrabble.

Most of the words I get are from’s email subscription. Who’s letting me borrow an audio file from them for this post.   

This past week I was introduced to the word, GESAMTKUNSTWERK (guh-ZAHMT-koonst-vuhrk). I would hit the ‘play’ button above before you give yourself and permanent hernia trying to pronounce this visual tongue twister.

No surprise that this is a German word, noun:

“A work of art that makes use of many different art forms.”

Keep this definition in mind as I explain the future of Art Skoop.

I’ve been struggling for a long time to make sense of a brand that is out pacing its creator. As I sit in my financial meetings begging for one more month of capital, I always hear the same question, “But what the hell is Art Skoop?!”. Finally I have an answer,


I want people to have fun learning about art. I want more people to get involved in making art.You only thought that we reported on the Arts–pesssha. yes, ok sometimes, we do report on something noteworthy, but we also want people to have fun with art and make it more engaging–aka less boring.

But by doing so, Art Skoop has created art about art, for art’s sake.


In the spirit of gesamtkunstwerk, I have some exciting internal-news that will be dished out over the the next year.

  • The GIFT SHOP will be opening soon. You will be able to buy Art Skoop-relate merchandise,  and wearable swag designed by other artists. In time we hope to be able to cosign some small works by REAL ARTIST (!!!) and sell them on the Art Skoop Kart, next summer.
  • The Artist Interviews will continue, in spite of the curbside protest and hate mail.
  • Most exciting of all, I’d like to introduce two new members to the Art Skoop Staff:
  • Diane Palenque and Johny Dyson they are both experienced bloggers  and wonderful art aficionados. Also they  agreed to work for the current wage of: 1 cookie per week.
  • Ice cream–ice cream–ice cream I can’t be the only one who loves this stuff. Now that summer is here, we can finally visit some favorite seasonal haunts and share them with you all. If you have any any places to recommend~ email me!
  • Finally, ultra extra secret! This summer is the start of  “Mary Jane’s Mystery Lunch Giveaway”.  As the ingredients slowly accumulate in her purse, We will begin the summer of crappy camp lunches (not all ingredients are edible) stay tuned to our Instagram for more information about this brown bag special.

Needless to say if you haven’t started following us on Instagram, I high suggest you do, as we start to unroll these fun Art Skoop shenanigans. You don’t want to be left eating black jelly bean ice cream while dog sitting for your parents this summer.