Artists Interviews

Chocolate or Vanilla, these artists are full of flavor

Joachim West

Fire, Fury, Brimstone and Beer : Galveston, TX

Heather Levy

Color, Colors and a Heck of a Lot of Shows : Dallas, TX

Terry Hays and Kathy Robinson-Hays

Scene Painter and Porcelain Fixer : Dallas, TX

Julian Gardea

Commercial Artist and World Traveler : Austin, TX

Chuck and George

Dallas' Creative Couple : Oak Cliff, TX

Confetti Eddie

Burlesque Magician : Dallas, TX

Val Curry

Tinker-er of Children't Toys : Dallas, TX

Ollie Gee

Miniature Maker / Bitter Badger : Fort Worth

Joshua Goode

Indiana Jones of Art : Richardson, TX

Jay Henderson

Hot Glue Gun Sculptor : Richardson, TX

Mattheiu Brooks, VJ Anomolee

Digital Art Demigod : Bedford, TX

Eat Art Skoop

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