Confetti Eddie
I’d pull on this rabbit!
Confetti Eddie Ruiz
How can we pass up these cojones on a stick?

Confetti Eddie and the Magic Parlor

Confetti EddieEddie, magician by choice, runs the Magic Parlor, in Dallas TX. The Magic Parlor is a quietly iconic storefront, not but a few blocks away from Fair Park. Some of you may recognize his eight foot tall T-Rex that bounces the front door on Exposition ave. 


For the past six years Confetti Eddie has been mashing magic and comedy into a routine that can sell out seats. But the show isn’t “The-All-About-Eddie Variety Show”, in fact the Magic Parlor features a carousel of performance artists and magically aligned guests from as far across the pond as London, Hermannstadt*, and a small town named “Houston”. Once in awhile Eddie will switch his routine up with the addition of a dazzling flutter of burlesque assistants. If the a google search proves correct, Confetti Eddie also performs some of the bits in his naughty bits (exotic semi-nude).

Countess awards and nominations aside, Eddie is deeply passionate about the Dallas Opera, his mysterious black cat and the Volkswagen Bus seen parked across town. With a little mustache wax, this vaudeville villain becomes a bonbon magician

When we caught up with Eddie he was just scooping up the remains of his most recent show. While we had his guard down (?) he  let us in on a few magical secrets.


Apparently Magicians are not the same as a wizards.

Also, He also CUTS OFF MY HAND!

There's something in there about what kind of ice cream he likes, but I still want my HAND BACK!

<<<<< His next show is June 24 (2017) >>>>>

If you want to see Confetti Eddie in action, check out the Magic Parlor FaceBook Page 

You can find tickets for his next show here on Prekindle. Just search ‘Confetti Eddie’ 

Don’t forget about his naughty bits and burlesque assistants at Viva’s Lounge 

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