What is your Favorite Ice Cream?

 JW: I don't know! There are so many different kinds and I like a lot of them. Depending on the moment, I might want a different kind of ice cream or none at all.

At what age did you accept your talent/craft?

 JW: I've always been an artist.

Did you go to school to learn this skill?

JW: I did. I've taking art classes for my entire life. My mother's best friend in Spain is an artist and I used to take lessons with her when I was a child. My mother was constantly enrolling me in different private art classes throughout my youth. I went to the University of Texas at Dallas because they have a great digital art program but ended up spending more time making physical art than digital art. I then went to La Universidad Politècnica de València in Spain to do my MFA. While I was there I also took private drawing classes. I spent last year in Spain as well and studied ceramics throughout the year.

Do you have a studio (or similar) that you work out of?

 JW: I work out of my home.

How do you financially support your creative pursuit?

JW: I sell art and have patrons.

Are there any Published Articles/Videos/Press of you and your work?

JW: I have. My work has been on CBS News in Dallas, the Dallas Morning News, Artnet, Glasstire, Arts + Culture, The Dallas Observer, DMagazine and other various other publications. Most recently I was interviewed on a radio station in Spain.

Do you have a community of fellow weirdos that you look to for support?

JW: Definitely! My family supports me, my girlfriend supports me and she makes art with me as well sometimes. I have a lot of friends in the art community and really appreciate their support and sometimes I work with them as well, especially my friend Thor Johnson. Greg Metz has mentored me for years.

Favorite Ice Cream:


Insane Ice Cream sundae

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