Heather Levy

What is your Favorite Ice Cream?

HL: Pistachio

At what age did you accept your talent/craft?

HL: 3 or 4

Did you go to school to learn this skill?

HL: I've taken classes to hone my skills but do not have a degree in painting.

Do you have a studio (or similar) that you work out of?

HL: Yes

Do you have a community of fellow weirdos that you look to for support?

HL: Yes!

How do you financially support your creative pursuit?

HL: In a good year Art sales, though thankfully my hubby pays the bills.

Are there any Published Articles/Videos/Press of you and your work? 

HL: Penseyeview/todays-feature-april-23-24-heather-levy

Are there any fun facts, side hobbies, or notes of personal accomplishment that you want to mention?

HL: I play the flute, piano, cello, drums, a bit of guitar and am learning the violin.

Favorite Ice Cream:


Pistachio Ice Cream







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