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On one of my gallery crawls, I got a tip from a fellow artist to go see Gray Matters Gallery. As they are not prone to the monthly serenade that most galleries participate in, I rushed over. While I was wandering around the space, filled with colorful sculptures I was was really taken back by the quality of the art. So much so that I hunted down the gallery curator. She introduced me to the different artists, one of which was Jay Henderson.

Jay, lanky with the same social awkwardness as myself but high on gallery opening show-vibes, took me up on the open conversation and we eventually exchanged emails and phone numbers. I only mention this, because of the rarity of this exchange. Usually under the guise of Art Skoop, I harass friends, extended family members, and more often--complete strangers until one of them gives in and agrees to do an interview. But not Jay, he was wonderfully approachable and eager to do the interview.

We picked a late Monday rendezvous, which made sense in email format, But on arrival, we both realized that we had been up since 5am that day. So in of the mental exhaustion, rain delays, highway shut downs, garbage trucks, random late night wood chippers and crickets (all expertly edited sound tracks from the video track) we began the interview.

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Here’s what I learned about Jay in that night:

He’s a professor of art and his wife incredibly beautiful. His children desperately wanted to know what going on the garage with these two strangers. Several months prior the whole family had moved into this gorgeous 1950’s custom home, and everyone was helping with the renovations. I learned that you can buy pallets of hot glue, and cook them in crock pot. The previous weekend He had moved in all his sculptures from various storage sites and former residencies into the new garage. Although he’s constantly recycling his old art works into new pieces, his new garage is bulging with creative chaos--I too know that pain.  

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