“It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.”

Russia, Prague, New York, Houston, I think that Joshua Goode is the farthest traveling ( and most frequent abroad) artist that Art Skoop has interviewed, to date. Currently he is the residing buttwarmer for the Chair of the Art Department, at Tarrant County Community College (TCCC) South Campus. However judging by his travel miles, I have a feeling that he’s leaning of becoming an Ambassador to eastern Europe soon. Joshua Goode is what the ad guys call “a family man”

Photograph by Joshua Landrith
Photograph by Joshua Landrith

“Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.”

In 2014 (when I interviewed him the first time), I asked Joshua Goode, how hard it must be juggling the responsibilities of professorship, having two young kids, and still being an engaged family man. His answer surprised me:

“... Actually it motivates me. If I didn't have these guys in my corner I probably wouldn't be as motivated, (as aggressive about seeing the world). I love traveling, but I can’t always take my family, but I love traveling with them, and if there’s a way to work them into an art install/ family trip that's the best. It's like traveling with your own cheerleader squad”

“Nothing surprises me; I’m [an artist].”

Actually now that his kids are getting all grown up its been fun watching them become more involved in his art production, ergo the child labor. If anything, I’m kinda jealous of Joshua's kids. Think about it, your dad makes giant T-rex unicorn heads, inflatable woolly mammoth hot air balloons or the dozens of toys that get re-cast into Objet d'art, plus lets not talk about the visits to the NYC’s best candy stores  

“Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes?”

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