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When the multi-talented Mattheiu Brooks contacted Art Skoop about doing an interview, I must say that I was surprised. No, not by us-- but by Mattheiu, because he was our first official Art Skoop interview and he was eager to join in on the skoop.

Upon arrival to his studio / workspace, the cameraman and I were presented with fresh resin 3D prints of a miniature elephant. Mattheiu had finished doing some test prints on the Form 2 and gave each of us a sample before he started printing his student’s work. For you see Mattheiu, (or Mr. Brooks as his students know him) teaches high level computer aided design curriculum in the strangest school district in Texas. The school district offers a specialty advance technical AP kind of curriculum in high school. The goal being that when these kids graduate, they can either start college as a late sophomore/ early junior, or better yet, work straight out of high school into the Film Industry or similar .

After setting up our gear, we dove into the interview. We got to play with projection mapping, fancy XBOX Kinect sensors and best of all-- Mr Brooks' display of Turok Comics.

 Matthieu Brooks     Matthieu Brooks

VJ Anomolee

Now you might be wondering where the name, “VJ Anomolee” comes from. Well I don’t know--but, I can tell you that in addition to his 3D visual renderings, (probably much to the embarrassment of his kids). Mattheiu is a circuit bender, video DJ and, rap sampling jammin man. Check out some of his other videos in the links!

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