The Bitter Badger

She's not a robot, even though I spent most of the interview trying to convince the audience that she shot laser beams out of her eyes. In spite of her metallic hard edges, political outspokenness and social feminism, Ollie Gee is absolutely huggable--even if she doesn’t like hugs.

A practicing vegan by trade (although I’m not a fan of the seasonal tofu compressed into the shape of a turkey) she has made some really good vegan chocolate desserts. Her art is an introspection soup, with a visual lexicon made up of 8-bit video games, homemade zines and toy dinosaurs.

Artistic Aristocrat

Ollie Gee (street name) is somewhat of an artistic aristocrat. She’s the daughter of a professional painter and a museum curator. However she’s asked me not to name names--as to protect the innocent. I think as a child, growing up with art openings and champagne lectures, the DFW art scene can seem more like a church social, where you Dad is the “pastor” or maybe more like a never ending family reunion. Either way I’ve personally seen Ollie mingle at art openings with the social finesse that's only learned from years of practice.  

It comes to no surprise, when I admit that I’ve known Ollie Gee for quite some time. Long enough, that I’ve watched her style translate seamlessly across different mediums. From large scale charcoal drawings, to postcard-sized watercolors, to Bra Girl comics and politically charged photography, Ollie’s works have always always contained the ethos of ‘late 80’s child’.

Reactive Revolution

Recently (and perhaps fueled by the current Cheeto flavored regimes) Ollie Gee’s art has taken a new direction. By chance, She found a few dilapidated doll houses at a garage sale, and began remodeling them. The project evolved from a simple tiny home flip, into full movie  production. Ollie began staging the miniature rooms with handmade furniture and decor. A few doll parts, and a Trump-bobble head later, she found photographs being shared on social media.

Favorite Ice Cream



Bra Girl Comics:

Instagram:  @thebitterbadgerstudio 

Harleys and U-Hauls

The detail and wit of her newest works (recorded in photographic medium) is what some may consider to be the pinnacle of her craft. However Ollie is young enough to have several more artistic peaks. Maybe even a mountain range of artistic achievements before she stereotypically takes the yolk of lesbian-hood and drives off towards the sunset on a Harley motorbike with a dog in a sidecar, and a U-Haul attached.

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