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Val Curry

Val Curry, “No we didn’t smoke that much weed.”

In fact we didn’t smoke any.

Since we are divulging truths, I actually interviewed Val over two years ago when all I had was a point-n-shoot camera and a lot of questions about his creating process. At that time, Val was preparing amature experiments for his novel and furutre show, “An Anarchist's Alchemy Guide to Chemistry”.  He had situated these experiments in a meth-style shack, away from prying eyes and HOA tattlers. Val had shelves filled with jars that contained battery acid, pool cleaners, copper anodes and god knows what else. All this above a dirt floor. Thankfully there was no electricity, ergo no likelihood of a spark to set of this tinderbox ablaze. Unbeknownst to either of us, Val’s alchemist experiments would take him down a path of scientific exploration within his own art making, that would lead him to more experimentations in the realm of engineering.

Two years Later

Since that first interview we’ve become friends, meme war buddies, and we’ve shared a lot of YouTube videos between us. I think that’s why the interview looks like it was filmed for 3am the Adult Swim time slot, instead of an actual interview. Regardless of Val and mine’s shenanigans, I find work he’s doing at UT-Dallas to be really a ahead of his peers. Amongst his other professorial requirements, Val (Prof. Curry-MFA) is teaching “The Art of Tinkering”. The class is broken up into two semesters, each one focusing on a different aspects of merging Art with Science and Engineering. You may know this as what educators have dubbed STEM vs STEAM education. The class is intense, with a very elaborate final exam and group project. And to be fully honest, I have also guest taught a few lectures for this class as well.

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Val Curry was named one of Dallas’ Top 100 creatives by the Dallas Observer (c. 2014). In addition to representation at R02 Art Gallery, you can find his works in several noteworthy collections, including T.H. Cotton, C. Wynne Collections and Capital One Management.

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