Occasionally I run across a gallery that is trying to shotgun spray-shot my senses. Since 500x Gallery is a co-operative run gallery, that means that periodically every alcove is turned into a miniature art show.

Check out the individual work artists on 500x’s main website:

Dream Juice is an exhibition of work by Lindsey Larsen.

Candyland Art Collective is a visual art making team consisting of artists Jessica Burke, Carrie Fonder and Valerie Powell.

Stranger Lands is an exhibition of single-channel video works created by fourteen local and international artists whose work relates to place and orientations of belonging, both political and personal.

Glimmer: A new installation by Sheryl Anaya.

Abyss: Ashley Witt explores the dichotomy between order and chaos within the universe and within the self.

Shipshape and Fleeting: New Works by Steven Foutch, features print media, works on paper, and installation exploring the space between gloom and joy.

You can see their work at 500x Gallery up now thru May 28th

{ 500 Exposition Ave. | Dallas, TX 75226 }