"Lilac ZERO Likes"

This Month (January) we are giving away. . .

Lilac ZERO Likes. Stylized in a pseudo-prison chest tatoo, ZERO Likes is the embodiment of roughneck attitude and laissez-faire-no-fuks-given-I-swear-my-sun-glasses-at-night disposition--but in a beautiful tri-thread purple weave that’s soft yet durable.

Whether you are looking cool in your faux-leather members only jacket while waiting in line at the coolest club that you discovered first before it became cool. Or rolling dank papers on a coffee table, trying to remember where you put your lighter. This awesome t-shirt is a one size fits all lives and lifestyles.

Worried about size? Buy it oversized and then the shirt can be sultry sleepwear

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Taro Waggoner (aka fantasybytaro) designed this sexy grim graphics in celebration of Art Skoop’s 2nd birthday. Taro is known for his counter culture watercolor ‘drawings’ inspired icons such as, Snoop Dog, Drift Racing, Drag Queen and life on the South Side, where ever that southside is.

Worried about size? Get it oversized and then the shirt can be sultry sleepwear

This is technically a UNISEX shirt. Wear what you want (!!!)

If you don't want to take your chances with lady luck

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