The T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes: Subscribe to the monthly email newsletter and be entered to win a custom Art Skoop Graphic T-shirt for that month. No purchase necessary.

How to Enter:  Enter your email and other required information into the form on the “Subscribe and Win” page (link) or into the “Subscribe and Win” web buttons on the website. If you do not have a valid email you can send a funny or interesting postcard with your name and return address to: Doug Land, attn “Art Skoop”, 402 Copeland Dr., Cedar Hill, TX 75104.

Only one valid email per user may subscribed to the newsletter and be entered into the T-Shirt Giveaway monthly drawing. Limit 5 users per household. Duplicate entries will be merged as one user. You only need to submit your email once to be entered in the current and future T-shirt Giveaways.  

Who Can Enter: US residents ages 13 (with guardian’s permission) or older with a valid email address (same email as used to subscribe for the newsletter) may enter into the T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes.

International residents ages 18 and older with a valid email address (same email as used to subscribe for the newsletter) may enter into the T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes.

Only humans are eligible for Email Sweepstakes. No spam bots, AI’s, Terminators, pets, wildlife animals, spiritual entities, poltergeists, trees or assorted mannequins that come alive when nobody's watching or other non-human entities will be eligible for the Sweepstakes’ prize.

All unsubscribe email users will be removed from the sweepstakes list, and therefore no longer eligible for the monthly sweepstakes prize

Duration: The T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes prize period runs from the 1st day of each month, through the last day of the month at 11:59pm. The winner be announced the first week of the following month in the Email Newsletter and on the website, and on the Facebook Page (@artskoop), and the Instagram Profile (@artskoop) as well as on the Twitter Profile (@artskoop). The following month, The T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes, will refresh and a different shirt design will be available as a prize for a new winner. Each month the T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes resets the and a new winner is announced, from the master list of subscribed email users.  Each Month a new Graphic shirt, from that season, will be selected as the prize and put on display at Art

Winners: A winner can only win once per year.  However, the December T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes winner could also have the possibility to be the same winner in January of the following year.

All current subscribed users will be entered into the Sweepstakes list and a winner will be chosen at random . The winner is notified via the email that was used to subscribed to the newsletter/sweepstakes. In addition the Winner’s First Name, Last Initial  will be announced in the Following Newsletter (but not their email) as to protect the winners privacy.

Monthly winner will be sent an email notification. The winner has two weeks to reply to the email notification before different winner is selected and notified. This process repeats until a winner replies to the notification email for the initial month’s prize.

For a list of previous winners check out the ‘Hall of Winners’ (link)

Prize: One Graphic T-Shirt, an Art Skoop Commissioned Graphic Shirt, designed by real artists (retail value of $30 USD).

Each Year Art Skoop seeks out unique and talented artists to design two graphic T-shirts per season, to be used for Art Skoop’s promotional use.

The T-Shirt that is available as a the T-Shirt Giveaway Sweepstakes prize will be available on view at  throughout the month on the 'Suscribe and Win' page (link). The T-Shirt that is featured for the month, is the prize and is non-negotiable and non-exchangeable.

The winner, that responds to the notification email, will choose the size of the shirt. If requested sizing is not available, the the next appropriate size will be supplied.

Graphic T-Shirt (prize) will be shipped via United States Postal Service, unless international winner is selected. Winner must supply valid postal address, sorry no P.O. boxes allowed. Addresses will not be revealed or released to any party except for shipping purposes.

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