The SEO gods want me to talk about how fabulous it is to be glamor model. But it’s not fabulous, not unless you are having fun like Paul Kindersley.  Because let’s be honest, it is not easy to be graceful like a swan (trust me I’ve tried). Or change into your nakedness, in front of a bunch of strangers who judge your “thigh-gap” (mine looks like the little mermaid) The rest of that beauty nonsense is just paint, filler and a whole lot of pulling. Nonetheless I am continually  fascinated by the pageantry of becoming beautiful. It just so happens that Art Skoop (@artskoop) was tagged on the a recently post by Paul Kindersley (@paulkindersley). Also known by his YouTube Channel ( thebritisharecumming )

Now you may be questioning “how does this gender bending, costume creating genius of fashion, pass the validity of art? Is he even an artist?”

 Paul Kindersley


My rebuttal:

How does it not? Is drag not an artform? Does Performance Art not count as art? Life is fleeting and precious, yet grotesque much like Paul Kindersley’s work? Are these works not relevant to the current political undulations in the world right now?

To be honest the concept of men dressing up in ladies clothing is nothing new. Infact Japan has a long history of shakespearean style casting. Where the roles of female characters  were often played by men–but this isn’t a post about the validity of drag. This is about Paul  Kindersley, and whether or not, he is an artist, model or publically wanted deviant. And to find out this answer I have to look back in the annuls of art history for answers. Where these same questions were asked of Lee Bowery

Lee Bowery

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John Waters and his muse Divine still have people spinning in their graves deciding on whether their films were art or sheer horror

John Waters and Divine

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Even the great demigod Andy Warhol–the greatest con-artist, no wait I mean contemporary artist, of this century played with the medium of film and drag and everything in between. 

Andy Warhol

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Of course they were artists!And not just because some the Ivory towers eventually said so, but also because they used their bodies to play with concepts of beauty, youth and other universal truths such as the memento mori

Final Thoughts:

To quote a study from Human Nature (source Forbes magazine)

“Examining implicit bias among art “experts” [the researchers] presented a series of close-up photographic portraits to both the experts and a group of non-experts, and then asked each group to identify which ones were prized works of art and which ones were not. The “real” works of art came from MoMA’s permanent collection; the “fakes” were mere passport photos. Some from each group bore the faint MoMA stamp at the bottom of the image, to see if the experts could nevertheless identify “art” from decoy. It turns out that they were just as bad at distinguishing the two as the non-experts, leading the researchers to conclude that “art experts are particularly inclined to agree with what has previously been deemed prestigious, rather than evaluating work solely on its own merits.”

Once, I told by the DMA’s Curator of European Arts Olivier Meslay that an artwork’s “value is intrinsic and it is Art only if you say so”

Enjoy more art.